About Me

Hi! My name is Patricia Poon and I am a photographer.

I grew up in Hong Kong, lived in London for a few years, and have been living in New York City for the past 4 years.

Living in mega cities form a critical part of my identity. Fascination with lines, structures, density, lights and shadows inspire my passion for architectural photography.

On another level, my photography is how I strive to make sense of the ironies of the city. I enjoy the efficiency and excitement a megalopolis brings to our modern life, but I also seek a slower pace and more intimate relationship with the city, through capturing beauty around us but people are too busy to notice. I'm especially fascinated by offices as sites where people function as a collective to make the city work, and details allow people to retain their individuality.

When I'm not taking photographs I'm likely to be in coffee shops reading (I subscribe to Monocle but I'm always behind). I love old movies, Cantonese Opera, pour over coffee, Japanese food (that includes watching Japanese shows and manga about food), making cold brew tea, and lately, decluttering.


As an architectural photographer, I aim to:

  • Bring out the oft neglected details in our everyday life.

  • Constantly interpret the world through my lens.

  • Continually refine my craft.

  • To inspire and be inspired.


Feel free to get in touch about my work or any collaborations via the form below or via email at pp@patriciapoon.com :

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